Sales Programs

Every company’s sales program is unique and specific to their infrastructure, target markets, and customers, which is why Zyomic Technologies offers a combination of sales and sales support services tailored to our customer’s needs.  We work with customers to develop programs specific to their “wants and needs”. 

Zyomic Sales Programs may be designed to complement existing programs, minimize disruption to existing teams (where applicable), target specific markets or products, increase coverage and product visibility, and more, depending on Customers goals. Typical services include:

Inclusive Programs

An Inclusive Sales Program provides a specifically tailored field sales and management team, allowing clients to have the benefit of a dedicated sales and management team without many of the associated fixed costs.

Supplementary Teams

Supplementary Sales programs provides our clients with flexible solutions for expanding their current sales team without incurring the fixed costs normally associated with increased headcount.

  • Have an increased field presence,
  • Aggressively gain market share, and/or
  • Better manage their fixed costs.

As part of a Supplementary Sale program, Zyomic’s Leadership Team works with you to determine your specific requirements, recruit the appropriate sales professionals, assists in managing the sales team’s training, and performance. 

We work with you to “plug-in” sales professionals throughout North America that are dedicated to specifically selling your products/technologies.  Sales professional(s) report directly to your sales management team and integrate with the existing sales, service and support teams.

Our Supplementary Sales clients have reportedly seen cost savings of up to 20% versus their own field sales teams.

Specialized Programs

Zyomic’s Specialized Programs provide unique opportunities for small to mid-tier manufactures to achieve greater sales exposure to target markets, without the expense of a dedicated sales team.

We work with customers to create a complimentary group of 4-6 customers that provide technologies and or services that are not competitive to each other and can create sufficient sales volume to maintain a national sales team.

One size does not fit all. Each program is customized to the specific requirements of your company and industry.