A Day In The Life...

Sales Professionals at Zyomic
A Day In The Life…

What is it like to be a Zyomic Technologies Sales Professional? 

What Is My Responsibility?

First you need to understand your role; you are an independent business professional.  You work for your business; your success is and will be based on what you do! You are a true entrepreneur, a person who craves success and is willing to put in the effort it takes to win!  To quote one of our Sales Professionals after being told by an institutional sales person that her success was due to luck;

“Funny how the harder I work the luckier I am!”

This truly summarizes what it means to be a successful independent Zyomic Sales Professional!

At Zyomic our success if directly tied to your success.  What does this mean?  Everyone at Zyomic is compensated according to sales revenue, just like you the independent Sales Professional.  Zyomic has a vested interest in your success!  We manage the routine business elements, we perform all billing, collections, contract management, consolidated customer forecasting, manufacturer communications and customer conflict resolution, etc…so that you can focus on growing your business!

How Do I Get Started?

The Zyomic team is here to help!  We have extensive resources to get you started including:

  • Assistance creating 90 and 180-day startup/success plans.
  • Out Bound Calling center, a team of experienced sales people available to make calls on your behalf.
  • Email Marketing Team to assist you in creating and distributing legitimate bulk email announcements.

If you are willing to put in the time and create a written success plan and utilize the resources available, you will create a personalized plan for success.  We strongly encourage all of our Sales Professionals to create a written success plan.  You have to know where you are going if you want to get there!

So What Do You Do On a Daily Basis?

Go to work every day and build your business by executing your success plan!