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Zyomic Technologies was founded to provide a resource for capital equipment intensive industries for the evolution and modernization of their sales and marketing programs. Today virtually every aspect of the modern company bears little resemblance to those of the 1950s, except their sales program. Many sales programs are still operating under the same fundamental structure as they did then, because Sales is often considered to be the “human interface” with the customer, companies, and entire industries, have been hesitant to make fundamental changes to their programs for over 60 years. These same businesses maintain the philosophy that they need to “own the resource” to “control the customer experience”.

In our experience, the lack of modernization can lead to an increase in selling costs, which in turn has resulted in the continual reduction of field sales personnel, larger sales territories, less specialization of the sales team and thereby lower customer satisfaction. In addition, the continued and rapid globalization of many industries has systematically increased competition driving down selling prices and often profits.

Zyomic Technologies’ vision is to continually provide our customers with proven successful programs which better manage selling costs, increase their market visibility and provide a high level of customer satisfaction; while lowering sales costs, and eliminating the overhead “risk” associated field sales personnel.

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