High Performance Hyphenated Techniques photoHyphenated Technologies – Enhancing Your Analytical Techniques

Many times the quality of information we get from a single technique is not enough to characterize the chemistry of interest. 

The ability to couple or hyphenate two or more analytical techniques can provide the researcher and/or analyst the required tool for detecting and separating chemical species of interest with higher sensitivity and selectivity.

Redshift products offer a broad portfolio of solutions for Materials Characterization by coupling different technologies from different Analytical manufacturers. The Redshift solutions have been designed for optimizing sensitivity, reliability, ease of use, and productivity of the laboratory. 

  • Redshift has the scientific background and experience to realistically couple any possible analytical technique(s). At the present, our commercially available and ready-to-use Hyphenated Evolved Gas Analysis
  • RedShift hyphenation enhances Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA) by coupling any thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA) with whichever FTIR, GC and/or MS instruments creating an easy-to-use and ready-to-use platform for materials characterization.
  • A laboratory faces daily challenges. Doubtful samples, quality control, complex mixtures to identify in elements and unknown blends are just some examples of a lab routine.
  • Interfacing TGA with IR, GC or GC/MS can add value to your materials determinations or quality.
  • Operators need to determine primary components and identify additives and/or contaminants. Many times, the information we get from a single technique is not enough to characterize the chemistry of interest.
  • Analyzing the evolved gases generated from the TGA (EGA technique), and hyphenating two or more instruments together is the most powerful approach to disclose curious and hard insights.
  • In analytical terms this means quantitative results for detection as well as, reproducible analysis without stagnation of corrosive gases in the TGA furnace and in the transfer line.
  • RedShift systems can remarkable increase the power of every analysis and save time by acquiring more information from a single run!

Hyphenated solutions include: GC-ICP/MS, GC-IR, TG-IR, TG-IR-GC, TG-IR-MS, TG-IR-GC/MS, TG-MS, TG-GC/MS, with other hyphenated techniques possible.

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