Can Zyomic Technologies provide coverage for different geographies around the US?

Yes, if you currently have coverage, we customize our territorial assignments to meet your needs anywhere in the US.

How does Zyomic Technologies differ from other manufacturer representative organizations?

a. First and foremost, our sales professionals work as part of your sales team. Manufacturer’s Representative typically represent between 20 and 30 different manufacturers and only the most active products get any attention.

b. Should a Zyomic Professional have multiple manufacturers, never more than 3 or 4, we match complimentary technologies so the Sales Professional will be able to create more opportunities with a focused approach that benefits all.

Why should I consider Zyomic Technologies, over my current manufacturer representative?

If you are completely satisfied with your current provider, then stay with them. Zyomic Technologies is a premier service and offers more benefit to its principles than any of our competitors.

Who makes up the sales organization?

The sales organization is hand selected for their talents, most will have experience in the technology or they may have extensive sales experience with a technical background. Each Sales Professional is selected jointly by Zyomic and you, the customer.

What can I expect from the Zyomic Technologies Organization?

A professional sales organization which behaves like an employee without the cost associated with a direct sales force.