Ion ChromatographyWhen reliability, functionality and budget are of equal importance, the first and only Ion Chromatograph to consider is the S 155-A Anion Ion Chromatography System from Sykam. German engineering translates to high performance, fast startup, and low maintenance in a self-contained bench-top design. Capable of performing all the major anion applications such as EPA 300 and Standard Method IC protocols, the budget-conscious system performs without compromising.

The S 155-A IC includes an isocratic PEEK pump, a manual injector, a column-oven, an in-line suppressor and a conductivity detector. Choose the proven, fully functional Clarity software option or connect to your existing chromatography software. Statistics prove a manual injection system is perfect for education and markets analyzing only a few samples a day. Why spend more?

The decision is simple – spend more but get less performance with a greater cost of ownership; or spend less and get more analytical performance where it counts with the S 155-A IC System from Sykam. Sold and supported in the US by Zyomic Technologies. Columns, installation and training, and on-going application support are available.

Want a fully automated, high performance IC system without all the expensive overhead from the name brands? Introducing the S 151-A Automated Anion IC System by Sykam. The S 151-A is a fully automated Anion Ion Chromatograph with included precision autosampler. This is the ideal IC system for the lab needing to perform more than a handful of samples per day or shift. Set the method, load the samples and walk away. Clarity CDS is recommended for system control and data management. Use of your existing chromatography CDS is also possible.

For even more power in separations when needed, we offer the S 151-AG Gradient Anion System for those who need to perform gradients to improve resolution. We should talk about your needs before deciding.

Zyomic Technologies sells and supports Sykam IC Systems in the US. We offer a full line of columns, consumables, installation, training and applications support for the IC systems we sell. Again, why pay more!


 Sykam S 155 Ion Chromatograph 1 Bottle  S 155 A IC
Manual Ion Chromatography System  S155 A IC

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