Financing FAQ

Is there a minimum dollar amount that can be financed?

Yes, all transactions must be $10,000 or greater to qualify.

What amount can be financed with a simple application?

Amounts up to $150,000. Transactions over $150,000 will require additional financials.

What if the customer has a poor credit history?

We can accommodate most levels of credit with tiered rates. Customers with excellent credit will be granted the best rates possible. Those with a lower credit score are a highter risk and fall into higher tiered rates.

What if the customer is a start up?

Start ups will be handled on a case‐by‐case basis. Additional financial information will be needed in order to determine credit worthiness.

Do you require a down payment?

Typically no. CI Finance generally requires two advance payments with the signed contract.

Is insurance a requirement on all transactions and will it hold up my financing?

Insurance is required but because we are self insured your asset is covered on day one and will not delay the process.

Do you offer any programs to defer or postpone monthly payments?

Yes, we offer several programs such as:
  • Quick Start Progam: 1st six payments are deferred
  • Seasonal Payments: Customers may choose to skip three consecutive months each year of the contract to accommodate their slow season.
  • Step up Payments: Payments start out low and increase quarterly though the first year to give you the opportunity to generate revenue prior to making full payments
  • 90/90 Program: $90 down and $90 per month for the first three months